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Our Story


Verdant Technology Group, Inc. is registered in 2019, when a group of technology and plant science specialists decided to develop the cutting-edge data-driven high efficiency grow light technology into a highly automated indoor grow system. Intensive field tests proved that this one-of-a-kind grow system does not only provide super high yields and outstanding quality of produce, but also eliminates 90% of the day to day labor and management in field operations.

Our Vision


Our corporate vision is to bring the farming business to the Artificial Intelligence era. Farming is one of the most sophisticated systems. We aim to help achieve high yields, reduce costs, be resistant to severe weather, and maintain sustainability of the environment that we live in, for our current and future generations. Our data-driven and AI empowered system will be pivotal in attaining these goals.

Our Technology


We developed the ultra high density LED engines, and implemented an industry standard growing solution for medium to large scale commercial growers. IoT and cloud computing allow cross-vendor equipment and sensors to work together following sophisticated growing recipes.

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