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Our Story


Verdant Technology Group, Inc. was established in 2019, focusing on development of an AI era smart grow solution for indoor farming.

The data-driven high efficiency VX600 grow light, combined with an industrial standard IoT platform, provides the first vertically integrated digital grow solution in the market.

Intensive field tests demonstrated highly repeatable performance with extraordinary benchmark data.

Our Vision


We believed that data-driven digitized light source would provide not only the high controllability in horticulture day to day operations, but also the high controllability in photosynthesis micro-mechanisms.

Field tests with a wide variety of plant species proved that we opened a door to a totally new world, where many secrets of the plants that have never been unlocked before, could be employed in grow fields to achieve unprecedented plant performance.

Our Technology


The Verdant smart grow solution has been built surrounding VX600 light engines. Each light engine is capable of emitting full-spectrum digitized light beams under control of built-in CPUs.

Each plant is receiving over 1000 data-driven digitized light beams from different directions, and high energy efficiency as well as top plant performance is achieved. Even the basic model of grow station made it possible to see 25 to 40 times higher yields per plant and 30% to 50% less utility usage per yield compared to other LED grow systems.

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